Assets for VVVV

as you might have seen I was starting to prepare a kind of database that has working Collada models with working skeletons and different kind of animations that could be applied to it. I am no modeller and actually taking this project as an excuse to get more into modelling software and all the character animation stuff.
So I mainly convert existing models from free sources to collada 1.4.1 right now.

First I wanted to ask if it would make sense to you to have such a ready-to-go models database for vvvv and if you can think of contributing to this as well.

I am especially thinking of rapid prototyping of games. And of course I want to make it more accessible for new users, as I found it extremely hard to get behind all this, too.

Slowly the fog of cunfusion is clearing and I have about 30 different characters and models that I would like to share at one point.

Now there is one problem.

Models are quite big files, so it requires several Gigabytes.

I can not upload this into the contributions and I think GIT is limited to 2 gigs, too.

If I place it on a server it will likely stay the zip file that it is and users cannot make single changes to the database.

So do you have an idea for that?

Best thing would be to have something that can be permanently updated with changes that have been made, like a open git repository or a DropBox folder.

Let me know.

Really like this idea. I’d be happy to upload 3D assets once a project is finished. Will have a think about a hosting solution.

yea my dropbox filled with crap ;p
but some model bank would be fun

Apparently Amazon S3 has great features for creating asset banks… there is a small monthly cost though.

well werehouse are technically one of thouse
would be fun to make use to models from werehouse
but in assimp in general you can load an obj from any source witch makes your life so simpler
still skeletons in obj dont work with assimp
there still should be a way

i’m looking forward to make it possible to generate it in compute
so then thought it would be a nice place to store them on

What about bitbucket as an alternative to github?

In their faq, they say they don’t have size limits if your usage is fair, and I would consider this to be fair usage.

about how much space are we talking to host?
I could offer a few GB on a German webhoster ( for free and with unlimited traffic…