AspectRatio of a scaling quad with texture

hi guys,

i have a permantly x-scaling quad with a texture. I want the quad to mask the texture. I attatched my patch. Everything already works fine.

But: Isn’t there a easier way to do that? I have the feeling that my patch is quite messy …


aspectRatios.rar (121.6 kB)

I would use a shader.

The old shader page has a couple that will do what you want.

if i got what you are wanting to do, mask.fx will do the job or RectMask.fx should be right on the money.

thanks! Perpaps your hint with the shader is a good starting point for further considerations. At the end the project is going to display a projection on a wall (4 projectors/softedge) with body tracking.

There will be about 50 elements, each showing a masked part of a video. Once you stand in front of one element it expands and shows the hole movie.

I now compared the performance of one single RectMask-Shader (about 24 ticks) and the Quad with Texture (about 55 ticks). As i will use 50 videos later, it will definitely be good to use the shader. Thanks!

Cool. Just for fun I had a crack at trying to do as small as possible patch with a quad- this was the best I could come up with.

QuadCrop.v4p (10.1 kB)

thx once again everyoneishappy!

Your solution is smarter and shorter :) Here comes the final version i’m going to use for the installation’s prototype …

QuadCrop-v2.rar (121.8 kB)