Asnyc tips needed

Hey there!

I’ve been working on a simple application which is a guestbook for a museum. Basically everything is ready - it is an extension of the Example Drawing App, which then gets renderered frame by frame into single pictures and finally into a movie of the drawing evolving. It is also working to have multiple drawings being rendered in the background while the app is in use.

Been searching now for good ressources how to put the rendering into a background thread, because the overall performance drops a lot when rendering the single images. Anybody here who can help me out on this?

This is basicsally the area I want to put on a background thread if possible

Content of the process node in the loop

Thanks already!

Maybe this will be a hint


or simplier


and more advanced version to process a queue

second preferable I think

but you can get into trouble with concurrency, concurrent collections may be used

Thank you!

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