AsImage DX11 2dTexture missing from image pack


which makes using kinect2 with image pack not an option.

Tried AsRaw (dx11) -> AsImage (raw) to no avail.

maybe @sebl knows something about this?
@microdee wrote in contrib this: asimage and astexture DX11 might use now gone and deprecated *provider interfaces. someone will have to replace them with *host interfaces.


it’s seriously a really simple text replacement fix you don’t even need to know C# for that. Download the source, restore nuget packages in visual studio, go to the dx11 nodes, replace provider with host, delete PluginIO arguments, compile and boom done. I didn’t needed that much CV since this change in DX11 so that’s why I haven’t done it yet


As someone who doesn’t know anything about Visual Studio, could someone please do a quick working one of this for 64 bit and upload either here or in a hosting server? It would be so much appreciated.


was trying to build it with some fixes but i cannot get past errors when trying to build in vs2017