As shared Texture, DX11 -> DX9

Hi, anyone using “AsSharedTexture” to use DX11 textures into DX9 pipeline ?
Doesn’t look elegant at all, but could be a middle way solution to mix up pipelines, just didn’t get how to obtain handle different from 0.
Using windows 8, thank you in advance.

you cannot have dx11 shared textures in dx9 HOWEVER there’s an even uglier workaround: compile elliotwood’s imagepack from github there’s an AsImage (DX11 Texture2D) connect that to AsTexture (EX9.Texture) and you have it. it is cpu heavy and multithreaded so there will be an unpredictable short (but still usable) delay. of course it works in one instance only.

It’s actually possible ;)

Please make sure to use renderer dx11 mrt (not temptarget) and use a R16G16B16A16_Float format.

Update accordingly in dx9 shared texture.

hmkay, i didn’t get this one running. does the attached patch work for anybody?

sharer.v4p (9.8 kB)

yep works here!
with beta32 and latest (31.8) dx11 github source use the A16B16G16R16F
format for the SharedTexture (EX9.Texture) node

ah, thanks. i missed that little ‘F’

Somehow, for me the patch is only working every second time it’s started. For the rest, the DX9 renderer remains black. Any ideas why?

In the next dx11 alpha pack

Shared Texture fix for 64 bits.

shared texture in 32bit version works like charm for me

Oh yes, I need the 64bit version (for Kinect2 textures). Where can I get it in advance?

u have to wait mr vux

I get EX9 Renderer white

works, got shared texture format wrong

This does work, but I find (in 33.3_x86 at least) that if you have no other DX11 renderer, the texture conversion rate drops down to less than 1FPS.

In the patch below, it runs nice and fast, but delete the Preview node and watch what happens - the DX9 update goes WAY down.

You can then add another Renderer (DX11), and the speed picks up again, even with the DX11 Renderer not hooked to anything! Alt-3 that renderer window, and back in the slow lane again.

Why is this? Seems like a bug!

sharer-1.v4p (11.1 kB)

excactly the same problem as @mediadog here.

i use fromsharedtexture with spout to receive textures in vvvv.

When a preview node is connected to the received fromsharedtexture node it works. If i delete the node so its not connected and connect a new preview…then its black …and doesnt get back till next start of patch.