Hi Guys, I was trying to open the girlpower example ArucoEstimatePosedemo but seems broken, i,m using latest stable beta 42.


does it happen in your side ? any ideas how to fix it ?

works here with beta42 x64 and VL.OpenCV 2.1.0

Hi joreg, thank you for your reply.

The only folder called VL.OpenCV 2.1.0 is as in the picture and now the missing or red is the vl, is it fine that takes the file from there or should i install the VL.OpenCV 2.1.0 somewhere else ?


in your screenshot we see VL.OpenCV installed for vvvv gamma.
you need to open the VL Editor in vvvv beta and install the nuget from there.

Hi thanks,

ok so i open a template of vl and open the editor then install it via commandline nuget.exe install VL.OpenCV -pre all was installed.

i close v4 and went to the gilrpower folder and open the ArucoEstimatedemo in the new folder was created in the beta_x64

I even deleted the gamma one in case but the result is the same.

any other idea ?

rightclick to open the red node and see what errors you get inside.


ok i got it working , somehow if i had the opencv lib in here only it did not work


then if i had the lib in nugets and v4 folder as picture it did not work either, but then removing the lib from the vvvv folder and only had in in the nugets then it worked.


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