I have two ethernet sockets on my vvvv development machine.

If I plug a dmx artnet device into one of the ports I can send dmx data top it fine.

If I then plug the other into a network router to access the internet I lose the dmx artnet connection.

Is there any way to configure a system like this to use both at once?

Is ‘destination address’ the ip address of the network adapter the artnet is sending from or the address of the receiving device?

I’ve just tried monitoring the artnet comms with (which seems great btw) and it seems to suggest that it’s the address of the network adapter, as if I change it to either one of the available ip addresses of the two adapters on the machine, I can see the data I’m sending, next to the entry for that address.

It’s still not working though, even if I enter the correct adapter’s address, and can monitor the data. As soon as the router cable is connected to the other socket, the artnet device stops updating.

sending in broadcast will send data to the two sockets. VVVV is really great as its monitoring and listening all network ports.
be aware you may have on your routeur conflict of adresses. another point is that you can only open on one adress one port a IN and a OUT, if there is two IN or 2 OUT on same machine, it will broke one of the two connexions