Hi all,

I don’t want to manually split up allthose pixels into universes.
is there an easier way to send my ArtNet than those ArtNet -> DMX nodes?


If you use the VL art net node you can bin size to the universe you want

ok I downloaded 35.7 now I see two art net nodes (universe join/split)
are you referring to these art net nodes?

any reason for not using beta 35.8 ?

in any case the default artnet nodes that come with the recent VL betas are very good and practical for mulitple universes.

you don’t need to download anything extra to get good spreadable artnet these days :)

This module is in 35.8, as Sune says no need to download anything, and if you do it may confuse things later anyway… This lets you send universes smaller than 512 and to wrap around to next universes if you bin size correctly, otherwise stallone and the old artnet nodes will do you

ok redownloaded 35.8 and now the nodes are here and working.
with helppatches.


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