Artnet to dmx converter advice

I need two artnet to dmx devices, one that will support 3+ dmx outputs, and one that supports 8+ dmx outputs.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


if you want a cheap one try

performance is really ok and it’s less than 400€ but it just offers outputs and some restrictions regarding IPsettings.

if you want some feature luxus like channel merging, HTP,LTP, bidirectional ports or even RDM go for

also looking very promising:
but i didn’t get my hands on this one by now.

and my best regards to Thomas ;)

Hi Kalle, hope you’re well.

Thanks for the links. All I need is basic artnet > dmx functionality so that first one may do the job. It’s way way cheaper than the other box I was looking at

I just got a couple of artlynxop boxes from artistic license to deal with the 3 output system. Trying to set them up now.

Will say hi to Tom!