Artnet receiver via network microsoft loopback adapter

Hi alls!!

i have a problem with artnet.
first i have done one ardino DMX to ethernet that takes dmx signal from the light software (martin m-series)and put on rj45 cable and vvvv read it properly.

but when i configure the ligh software to throw dmx to artnet via loop back adapter i need to use another software (artnetominator) and this way works properly whith some software like wysiwyg,luminex but with VVVV dont recive nothing. i have no idea who to set which network i want to read, when i have conected the rj45 its works automatically just tell mask and subnet but not the device.

some one have some idea how to set.
I have tryed to change the artnet receiver port via comand line becouse i have read some thread on this forum about conlict with send and recive at the same but nothings happen.

thanks so much!!!

i have trying to read the artnet now from wifi but i have a problem the DMX arnet receiver node disapiar when i had opened the light software first, and the light software doesn´t send artnet when i have opened vvvv patch first… i have tryed to change artnet sender port via comand line but nothing change…

if some one know something about how vvvv decide wich network its sending artnet or why dmx arnet node disapear could be helpfull.


when u open software, it locks the driver, so u need to have only one program accessing driver same time. Try to reboot and start it over. But i guess ur only solution is some artnet bridge program, or u gonna need to patch something using MIDI or OSC. I’m not 100% sure that it’s source of ur problem since i never used artnet, it’s possible there is another solution.

have you tried to start v4 first using /allowmultiple and maybe using different ports with /artnetsend and /artnetrecieve. thats how i use vvvv and chamsys on localhost with loopbackadapter.

have you tried to start v4 first using /allowmultiple and maybe using different ports with /artnetsend and /artnetrecieve. thats how i use vvvv and chamsys on localhost with loopbackadapter.

thanks! for your replies.
Well the problem persist,i have started to think may be the problem is on M-Series software(light software from Martin), but i am using Artnetominator for monitoring the artnet, and its strange becouse i am using this comand line in a bat archive

start vvvv.exe /arnetsendport 6000/arnetreceiveport 6001/allowmultiple /o “martin\martin_root.v4p”


and when i send artnet via vvvv and receive arnet in the same patch artnetominator tell that arnet flow appear on port 6454…
have no sense no??? becouse with this comandline i am telling to use port 6000 and 6001… so maybe my comandline have some error

can you compare with your command line drehwurm. thanks!!!

make sure to add some spaces between the command argument and the next command and you do NOT have to use the braces, this is only a placeholder in the documentaion page:

start vvvv.exe /arnetsendport 6000 /arnetreceiveport 6001 /allowmultiple /o “martin\martin_root.v4p”

thanks tonilm!!

now mi coman line is:

start vvvv.exe /arnetsendport 6000 /arnetreceiveport 6001 /allowmultiple /o "martin\martin_root.v4p"

but the same i have the artnet low on port 6454…

i don´t know if is a mistake send in one port and recieve in another …but have no sense that the flow apear on other port no???

here you can see green is datas on this port net and subnet if i move the monitor to port 6000 and 6001 there is no data???.

Maybe it’s just here, or do your have the typo in your bat-file, too? It’s /arTnet…

yep!!! my foult…

i have changed and arnet goes where the command line says… but again if vvvv and the light software send and receive in the same port one of them stop. i have tryed via wifi too but same problems…

when vvvv use another port the light software works property, are there some ways inside vvvv to read the information of one port and send to another???something that act like a bridge without dmx receiver node…well i don´t know i´m getting a little bit messy…may be tomorrow :D

well i have been experiment a little more:
one pc with light software,arduino node static ip to the network and vvvv works.
one pc whit the light software artnet via wifi vvvv in other pc works.

one pc Whit LS artnet via wifi rj45 cable from switch(behind wifi)

static ip of this cable conection to the same network or static ip to another nerwork and vvvv run(but all in the same pc) FAIL :C i have try all the posibilities that i can imagin with this set up…well time to sleep :D

thanks for the help to everyone!!!
if some ones knows why can appear this kind of conlicts between to programs on artnet i ll be happy to know it :)