Artnet Inputs

Its would be great to be able to attach an io box the the universe pin so I can build the option into an interface, got start address, universe would be great to have!


I am with cat here!!

Offcours you can work arround, making several Artnet nodes with different universes, but there should be a cleaner solution.

if i recall it correctly i was reluctant to make it a “proper” value pin, as changing the universe generates a broadcast to all connected devices - i basically didnt want to know what happens to some desks if someone connects a lfo to it. it looked like something to be done seldomly.
i agree this can be handled with an additional pin or some caution.

the big ugly workaround is either somewhere in this version or in the next (david & björn correct me)
from now on you can send a messages to the patch, changing the value of a config pin from within your patch (you could even completely mess up your patch from within vvvv).

Setting configuration pins now works with the SetPatch node
you may still mess up your light desk while doing so.

although the attached workaround modules are working fine and reliable i also would prefer having input pins instead of configuration pins.

it would be even finer if they were spreadable!

dear oschatz:

i basically didnt want to know what happens to some desks if someone connects a lfo to it

in case of a receiver node nothing at all.
in case of a sender node:
assuming that another device is sending on an accidentally chosen universe this universe may be puzzled for the duration of the lfo’s period setting.
IMO this won’t be a problem at all.

those pin’s visibility could be “-1” be default.
you all know how effective this is :)
furtherhin assuming that a newbie doesn’t patch in environments using more than 1 universe.

i use sometimes more than 20 universes.

Kale, are you using Subnet ? why and how to you dispatch this in your lighting construction ?

nb: this zip is great ! ;-)

often i have the light’s universes a 2nd or 3rd time for previewing scene reasons.

i 'mis’use Artnet also for other purposes than only controling lights.
as one example i have my SpaceNavigator connected to my laptop, convert my cameratransformations to dmx and can rotate my 3dsimulation on another pc, which doesn’t have the devicedriver installed…
this way you aren’t forced to use devices only on pcs they are connected to …

some conversion modules attached… (55.0 kB)

thx for this explanation.
yes, I’ll take care…