Artnet/dmx in out simultaneously

i need a solution to send and receive dmx signals at the same time.
currently i use one DMX USB PRO interface from enttec. i can either send or receive data.
in my setup i would like to send dmx to a device which sends some values back at the same time (position reached, etc.)
yesterday msberger suggested the use of two ENTTEC ODE boxes (artnet) and send/listen on different universes ( ).
today enttec answered me in an email i can use two DMX USB PRO interfaces. has anybody ever tried to connect two DMX USB PRO to vvvv and use one as sender, the other one as receiver? i am not sure what i shall buy now.
another question about the ENTTEC ODE setup (how does it work?):
when i use two of them, is it possible to give each interface a individual ip (one ip to the box who’s sending, different ip to the receiver?) and connect both via hub to my computer? or is the ip only for the computer and the universe number is the “adress” of the ODE’s?
cheers, armin

hi armin,

for the ODE that’s quite simple you need a hub and some basic windows config : you just have to add 2 ip’s (keep the main one for the local network) in the advanced tab of the TCP/IP property of your local connection and configure your devices as sender/receiver in the node manager (NMU)
that’s it


are you sure that you can send/receive on one ODE simultaneously?

i doubt that.
i can’t try though because i don’t have an ODE around now.

just my .02€

anyway using 2 ODE’s or any other configurable artnet device it should be possible without problems.


“are you sure that you can send/receive on one ODE simultaneously?”
no you cant. its OR IN OR OUT.

about enttec pro , yes you can receive and send with two devices at the same time. be aware that all the good stuff from west is on VCOM, wich means you may experiment some latencies for a IN and OUT simultanously.

About Msberger suggestion: he is damned right. If you have the money, just take TWO enttec ODE and use 2 separate universes to avoid collision between packets.

thanks a lot! think i’ll buy the ODEs :-)

@kalle & karistouf
yep it’s IN OR OUT.
sorry for the misunderstood …answering this part of armin question:

‘’“another question about the ENTTEC ODE setup (how does it work?):
when i use two of them”’’

yes with 2 devices:
1st ODE : IN
2nd ODE : OUT