ArtNet Controller for WS2812B led strips

Hi there, i’m new in the Forum but an intermediate knowledge VVVV user.
I’m interested on control some WS2812B strips. I´m looking for a “plug and play” solution to do it. Looking for on internet i´ve found this ArtNetPixel Controller:
In the description of the product, says that this works with VVVV. When i´ve write to the customer service, they say this should work but he is not 100% sure.
Has somebody use this controller before, to confirm this works with VVVV.
Thanks and sorry for my bad english!

Any artnet controller should work with vvvv.
I have used pixel controllers from [Advatek] ( they have been running daily for years now.

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I also recommend advatek for easy plug and play. the money you spend more is going to save you a lot of time.

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