Hey guys!

I spent some time trying to make ARTK+ work on my PC, maybe this will help some people save time:

If you get red nodes like GouraudDirectional.fx, avoidNIL and so, try downloading 27.1 beta with addon, open VVVV, go to open, find ARTK+tracker help file in 28.2 beta and open it. Worked for me.

Now i have a new problem (like always:)

  • I want to trigger sound with appearance of markers, but my noobness is making things harder. Sound want play and switch (string input) is not switching files depending on AR marker ID, take a look at my patch.

Thanks! (1.6 MB)

and whats the best way to set a different model for different AR marker ?

you still won’t get stable enough tracking with ARTK, it’s better to rip this idea, for models use spread of .X models or subseted collada and getslice node

hey antokhio!
thanks for your reply, i really like what i get with this markers even if its unstable, i will get good light, good quality cam and see what i can get, can you tell me is there a way to trigger sound ? i get good numbers (marker id, and 0/1 when its in scene), but cant understand why it want play audio and switch?

i appreciate your help so far!

wave player plays only native types of waves i think,
just use filestream audio output

it works !
thanks again antokhio :)

and another thing, is there a way to trigger sounds simultaneously ?
can i use only slices with AR id numbers to activate (toggle) certain samples ?

If im not clear enough: you have three ar markers in view and every marker is playing one sample, when you remove one that sample turns off and they are all triggered only by ID number that appears in slice when marker is in view.