Art-net conflicting... @devvvvs

hi dear all… this is a “for devvvs question”…

i m implementing little_cat.exe to hear art-net dmx messages, wait for specific universe, and emit on the selected dmx hardware.

actually this little tiny exe works good receiving art-net from my big schwartzpeter baby.

The artdmx() sended by schwartzpeter is well received by a vvvv artnet receiver.
and by the actually in developpement little_cat new version (1.7) also.

BUT ( that should be a BUT ) … when trying to create a ArtNet sender node when my server is open, the node cant be created… “address and port are already in use”, as said by TTY renderer.

this is done a machine with a wifi working connexion working only, and so only one IP adress.

any idea on how to solve this issue ?

is it a devvv question, or a newbie IP trouble ?


you are saying that you want to run your artnet receiver exe on the same machine as vvvv with an artnet sender, right?

iirc (refer to the the Art-Net specification) both server and receiver need to open the same port for requesting and getting device information about each other. so the error message somehow sounds plausible to me - i think windows prohibits different exe´s using the same port at the same time.

so i fear you would need two computers or the ethernet equivalent of a MIDI loopback device utility (never heard of that, but should be possible to exist). or make your little cat a vvvv plugin :)

hi oschatz. first thanks for your quick and precise reply ;-)

windows prohibits different exe´s using the same port at the same time.
your diagnostic is very right ! damned !

now i need a big help to understand how to solve this on a same machine…

is there any way to allocate on a fictiv IP adress an exe ? or create a fictiv adress ( in vvvv or in C )

i noticed a little thing:
when deleting Artnet Receiver node in vvvv, this doesnt free the port. you should close completely vvvv to free the artnet port, despite destruction of the node.

vvvv plug-in: i would really like if i didn t have any headach and dificulties to find clear a c sharp code ( too open, not enough linear thinking for me )
but if you are interrested by sources of little cat its of course ok !

I saw a post by the arkaos team about running magicq (a pc lighting desk) and arkaos on the same machine, arkaos checks to see if the port is in use and uses another (?) I seem to remember him saying, and I did find that if I opened vvvv and made an artnet node then started magicq it would work, but if magicq started before vvvv I couldnt then create an artnet node, so it is possible, but requires you guys to adjust the ports in vvvv, just tried to find the discussion but couldn’t right now, I’ll try look when I get home next week, internet is a bit sketchy here!

thanks ! i will look around.

hum, oschatz, I have a real problem.
this point another problem i think.

here is version 1.7. in artnet mode. when receiving artnet frames it makes a Dot.

what i am sure of ( about external apps talking artnet on same machine):
-my schwartzpeter speaks a good artnet, as artnet receiver in vvvv hears it. the 2 are good working on same machine
-schwartzpeter and litle_cat works good on same machine. one is a sender the other is a receiver. little_cat well receives the artnet message from schwartzpeter. so the question about “same port” busy is not ok. it works and it is possible.
-vvvv artnet sender is not giving error in TTY when created. Using it doesnt work actually with little cat .

So if schwartzpeter and little_cat may run on same machine without pb, why do I have this trouble with vvvv ? (1.7 MB)

ok, continuing, and modified artnet tester patch.

-from machine to machine no pb with vvvv artnet sender and little_cat

so definitively there is something going wrong about hooking on port by sender… that should not be.
TTY is definitively mute… :-°

could someone make a test on his machine to see if its same problem as described ? (1.7 MB)

you can use a program like EtherReal to see what is going on actually on the wire. Artnet was one of the supported protocols whem i last used it.

One idea: iirc vvvv internally does the Artnet Poll / Reply scheme for communicating with other Artnet devices (so that a device like a GrandMA lighting desk can automatically discover vvvv receivers in the network by their descriptive names). i somehow understood the specs that this is mandatory with Artnet.

one idea: it might not be necessary to do that under all circumstances - perhaps one of your apps does not do that, but still works.

can you test this hypothesis with EtherReal?
If so we could think of how to switch off that in a future version.

hi oschatz.

About your suggestions:
-i dont understand in fact what is “iirc vvvv internally”( lost :-°)

-I m not using at all ArtPoll and ArtPoll Reply. I tried to code them, emitting a good and valid message for wireshark. but never never getted back answer, neither from VVVV neither from Enttec ODE. this monitored with wireshark/etherall.
So I m not using them.

-TTY message on node artnet sender creation:Socket from artnet sender node is not possible to bind when my little_cat server is open.
I dont know anything in delphi nor .NET, and well, ahem, I m playing in sandbox for code things… but … ahem …surely there is a missmatch in code of the artnet sender:
there is an opening of client AND server functions at the same time in the artnet sender code.
and surely as you said, this was not notified, as you pass by .NET to make art net com between server and client nodes with patchs.

This thing is quiet important as you notice, to communicate between two apps. now that machines ar enough powerfull…
there could be in fact a good intermediate way: to allow to choose a different port than the default specified ( 6454 ) to enable multiple communications beteen apps inside a same machine.

hope, i well understood you …
this would be great for next versions, and our fellow West will surely appreciate a lot the new little_cat in art-net, with its [Escape Key](Escape Key) and universes functions…

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