Arduino017 and vvvv_40beta21 bugs

i like to control vvvv thru arduino diecimalia with potentiometers:
the combination with vvvv_40beta21 and/or arduino017 didn’t work properly:

this patch and sketch work!:

arduino017 gives error at compiling:

work not with vvvv_40beta21 but works with vvvv_40beta16 :

arduino017 gives error at compiling:

i cheque now previous version:
work not with vvvv_40beta21 but works with vvvv_40beta19.1:

Me bad, I think I changed some code to work with Arduino 17, all I did was changing the old Serial syntax to the new ones.

What Arduino board are you using? I tested all the code, and Arduino02 does NOT give an error here when compiling. What error message do you get? You should copy the code from the page, not from the package.

I think the patches are getting screwed because you have an EMPTY slice in there at startup. The S+H nodes are slightly changed. With Herr Inspector, you can change the toggle called ‘set on create’ and than save the patch and re-open it.

For Arduino05, the one with firmata, I don’t know/do that, it says it is an implementation of it, and the final version will be different, so I think they changed it.

Hope it helps.