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odd. can you share your patch?

I tried, but I got this message: “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

I also cannot post the xml-code of the patch, it´s invisible here…

please try again now.

01 RotaryEncoder_VideoSpeed_04_b.v4p (13.7 KB)

that patch doesn’t have the Enqueue replaced with the CDR (Raw) node as suggested.

oha - here it is:

01 RotaryEncoder_VideoSpeed_04_c.v4p (13.7 KB)

note: the CDR node has two outputs:

  • Remainder
  • Last Slice
    what you want in this case is the Last Slice output which i alluded to above, when i wrote “instead you could replace it with a CDR node and always only take the last value that was received in this frame.”

That’s right, I overlooked that. Is there any way to reduce the playback speed of the video? It plays very fast even with minimal rotation and I would need that slower. Here´s the current patch:
01 RotaryEncoder_VideoSpeed_04_c.v4p (13.8 KB)

when the number runs too fast just divide it

Thanks, with the Divide I got it working.
Question: Can I also control the playback of audio via the same serial node “RS232” in this patch? The difference is that with the audio I don’t control frames, but an audio file. My goal is to also couple the audio playback speed with the rotary encoder rotation speed.

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