Arduino + PWM Shield + Arduino Node

Aye vvvvOlks,

does somebody already tried those PWM Shields ( or equivalent and the Arduino Node?


Hi Dothis,

You have to use a special arduino library to control this shield, as mentionned in the library header :
“This library uses the PWM output ability of digital pins 3, 9, 10, and 11”

So the serial pins of the arduino are free (pin 0 and 1), this means you can communicate to the arduino with vvvv throught RS232 (usb).

But I would not use the vvvv arduino node, it’s based on arduino firmata library. It will be really complicated (and useless I think) for you to link your shield library to the firmata library…

You should better use vvvv RS232 node, and try to find a sample program of your shield library which send data through usb. This way datas will all come to the outuput of RS232 node in vvvv, then you just have to seprate it and used it.

hope this help u…

yep helped me.

Seems like a Project :).

thank you