Arduino over bluetooth

planning to get a bt sender for retrieving some arduino(firmata) sensor data
will i still be able to use the firmata plugin ?
if not,
will the rs232 node have access to the arduino under a com port, once it is detected as a network device ?
is a third party program involved ?
any hints about latency - compared to a short usb cable ?

I dont know much about arduino, but I know there is plenty of devices like GPS receivers that - once paired up - show up as virtual COM port. If you manage to pair your arduino this way it might work.

thanks for the glimpse
there is this device that is supposed to trancieve arduino on bt
bluetooth mate silver

never tried this but if this bluetooth device shows up as a com-port you should be able to send and receive firmata data.

the arduino module is built up like this:

Firmata Encode -> RS232 -> Firmata Decode

if your BT-device shows up as a com-port, just specify the right port with the RS232 node.

also, if your BT-device shows up as a networking device (which i doubt) you should be able to replace the RS232 node with the appropriate networking node and still be able to decode the data.

but as i said - i never tried this…

yes, the bluetooth mates/smirfs/etc should actually show up as a comport, not as a network interface. my main experience is on osx and this has been quiet a bit unstable with these particuluar bluetooth extensions. there are not really any others unfortunatly though. you should make sure you transmit @57600 baud. the mates i used drew a (hell, f***) lot of power, so be warned with it. as far as i remember there are ways to enable sleep modes for the devices, but only from the attached MCU, so not from within vvvv.

oh, yes with Firmata running on the board you can use the Arduino :) it just needs a comport, you roll your own, as motzi pointed out.

thank you for the information.
one more question, while i am waiting for the parts:
is it possible to run -in theory- one instance of vvvv with the following connections ?
1 x arduino uno > usb > v4 firmata plugin 2.2
2 x arduino mini pro > bluetooth > v4 firmata plugin 2.2

should be possible. all the arduinos should be connected on a different com-port and you need an arduino/firmata node in the patch for each board (iirc the Arduino-module is not spreadable).

I can’t wait for the Rfduinos I just ordered to arrive and do the same. Let us know how you get on ggml.

I also need to send and receive some data to several arduinos from vvvv via Bluetooth.

Fingers crossed. :D

Here is the link for the Rfduino on Kickstarter, looks pretty damn sweet:

As i have no experience with running multiple bluetooth devices on windows, i guess you just have to define each one as a different comport and specify the corresponding port for each Arduino node in your patch. Sound horrible to setup the machine though ;)