Arduino multi-input to VVVV

Hi friends, I would like to ask how to work the patch (shown below) correctly.
The patch helps to import multi input-date from Arduino via serial port.


To the Arduino, I uploaded the arduino-code and confirmed that there’s serial output from the Arduino (eg, a812 b20 c3 d1017 e233 f96… repeats in 20 ms).

On the VVVV, I opened up the patch (plz see attached) and connect the arduino to Com port 5. And also I changed the “com port” on the “RS232” to Comport 5.

As the reference, it is supposed to output multi-date from Arduino, but it does not work.

I checked the box “Tokenizer” and it seems that there are input to “Tokenizer”, like a812 b20… but no outputs from “Tokenizer”.

If anyone knows how to fix the problem, please let me know.
Many thanks and regards :)


ArduinoMultisignalReader.v4p (17.4 kB)

I can’t test at the moment - but is there any reason why you are using the legacy RS232 node?

Hello shuhei,

the problem was with the ‘Separator’ pin of the Tokenizer (String). In the patch you’ve attached, the SpellValue (String) gets 10 and 13 (which means Line Feed and Carriage Return). But the Arduino sends it other way around, 13 and 10.

When the Tokenizer sees this sequence (CR LF) it returns everything it received before.

Here is a bit updated patch. It uses new version of the nodes (like the new RS232 (Devices) ).

There are also 2 Arduino patches in the “girlpower\The Next Generation\IO\Arduino” folder of your vvvv showing how send/receive several values.


ArduinoMultisignalReader_update.v4p (20.5 kB)

Dear Anton, Gareth,

Thank you so much for your help. The patch works correctly which perfectly matches to what I expected. I really appreciate your helps (especially Anton, thank you very much for cool patch assignment).

using the legacy RS232 node
It is because I just referred to old pacthes…Sorry for confusion.

the problem was with the ‘Separator’ pin
I see… I also understood how it works (which I would say I need to study more…)

When the Tokenizer sees this sequence (CR LF) it returns everything.
So the Tokenizer can handle each line, OK!

There are also 2 Arduino patches in the "girlpower
Also I would like to thank to Anton again. It helps me a lot.

Thank you again to my friends and colleagues.
See you guys and have a special day :)!

Best regards from Japan