Arduino mega2560 issue

got the modified firmata module for arduino2560 (from Arduino MEGA 2560 - Firmata

having a problem with a setup where i only need to send servo data:

when i scroll the sending value(s) i only get a faint stuttering in channel 1
nothing happens to the rest

do i need to be more specific with the slices of input values and enums ?
not using other output types, nor inputs

arduino mega2560 firmata problem.v4p (20.5 kB)

behaviour seems inconsistent

servos worked at one point by changing seemingly random pin modes:
PinMode 68 to output > working > restart > not working
PinMode 66 to input > working > restart > not working

attached is the state of the patch when it did work

arduino mega2560 firmata problem 0.v4p.v4p (53.5 kB)

hi ggml,
sorry for the late reply; i was out on vacation.
not on a windows machine atm, but i’ll look into the patches asap.

but a guessing question/answer. yes, the input and pinmode spread have to be symetrical. use a Select with a SetSlice, if necessary.
continuously sending servo data @60FPS might be to fast for the COMPort as well as the servo to keep up. try using a Limiter in between.
and regarding the “restart”, do you meen restart of the Arduino or the patch?