Arduino Leonardo and VVVV


Has anyone already had the chance to try the new Arduino Leonardo with the ArduinoFirmata in VVVV?

I’d like to know if I can use it with VVVV before I buy it ;)

Good question Jan!
I’m also interrested!

Me too.
I want to try KeyboardState & MouseState on the new VVVV and the keyboard and mouse capabilities on the Leonardo.
As I understand this parts may work without using Firmata.

i don’t see why the ArduinoFirmata Plugins shouldnt work with the leonardo.

to make things clear, the recent ArduinoFirmata Plugins just encode/decode Firmata messages hence will work with any hardware/interface (RS232, Ethernet, whatever) which can handle Firmata messages.

in case of the leonardo, it looks like nothing changed, its still appearing as a virtual COM Port. they just added some keyboard/mouse stuff which has nothing to do with Firmata2.2 specification.

my bet is, it works, no guaranties though since i don’t own a leonardo either.

Thanks for the reply!

I know, technicaly it should work, but you never know… ;)

I will try it, and post it here, if it works.