Arduino + firmata + shiftregister


i don’t know whether i got it right or not so my question is - is there a way to use the vvvv firmata implementation with multiple shif registers like shown here? how has this stuff to work - do i need to hack the arduino side of code or should i implement the serializing process (for the clock-, latch- and datapin) in vvvv? any examples around here, would really help me to understand that stuff more?!


by looking at the arduino example code it should be possible to emulate that with the firmata + vvvv somehow. BUT speed is an issue. as u have the bottleneck serial transmission you probably dont reach the same speed as with a pure arduino solution. so u better hack the firmata code and implement the shift register code.

hmm, you are right i will implement the serialization code on the arduino side - but i think for my purposes it would be easier to implement a proprietary protocol. the firmata protocol seems to bloated and complex for what i want to do (trigger 20 relais).


hay what if speed is not an issue …
Is there any vvvv patch to connect shift resistors???