Arduino Firmata - DigitalRead and AnalogRead problem with the new alpha nodes

Hey guys,

i’m currently trying out the new Ardunio Nodes (Arduino Second Service | vvvv) in the vvvv_50alpha34.106_x64. The setup is fairly simple: I’m using a Potentiometer or simple Button to get an output from the AnalogRead and DigitalRead nodes.

The problem is, that I don’t get any data from both Read Nodes. The DigitalWrite on the other hand works fine. I also tested the hardware setup within the Arduino IDE and with the vvvv Standard Firmata Nodes v.1.3, both works also perfectly fine and I get the expected data output.

So the question would be if i’m missing something or if there is a flaw within my vvvv setup. I’m not sure yet :D

In the attachment you will find a basic patch for the vvvv alpha. I use the right side as a counter-check to see if it works with the older Arduino Nodes. ArduinoFirmata.v4p (77.6 KB)


Hi stalhenk,

thank you for the pointer! This is a newly introduced bug.
We are on it.

I’ll let you know when the fix is out.



Hi stalhenk,

the new Arduino nodes are fixed now.
Would you please check the latest Alpha?


Hey Anton,

just tried it out. Works great, thanks :)


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