Arduino BT

hello ,

I finally found a way to get inputs with arduino Bluetooth and vvvv , i saw a patch for max that worked so i replicate it , still could not get firmata to work , cheers.


hello ,
hope u can help me.
I’m tryng to get data from an arduino bt board with vvvv but something’s wrong.

I’can see the board in available bt device’s menu (my operating system is win xp sp2), if i choose “connect to bluethoot serial port” it succeds and it gives me the com port nuber that’s 10.

Then if i run arduino009.exe (the default software) and i set the com port to 10 i can get data from the board and they are correctly listed in serial monitor window…
Baud rate is setted to 115200.

But if i try to do the same whit rs232 module nothing works,i adjust module’s settings but no string comes out from output pin.
Don’t know exactly what to try…

i’ve read that an high com port number could be a problem on windows but i can’t find the way to change com port number cause it’s automatically assigned by the system when connection is established.
Even from device manager no way to assign a lower port if ever higher…

it’s a bit strange cause the board seems to work correctly if i monitor it trogh arduino’s software :|


Cheers S

Only one programm an use the same RS232 portr at the same time. So close your Arduino Software before you open vvvv (and visa versa).

Also, for port numbers, vvvv starts counting from 0, and most other programms start from 1.

You can actualy change your com-port in Windows. (I am on a dutch system, but I will try).

Goto: Device managment->Ports->The Comport Arduino uses->Right click->Properties->Port Settings->Advanced.

Hope it helps (a bit).

PS I have NO experience with the blue tooth arduino.

i leaved out that i’ve tryed to acces to the board separately from vvvv and from arduino, i mean in different times since Only one programm an use the same RS232 portr at the same time ;)
i’ve tryed to set port number to 9 from rs232 cause of vvvv starts counting from 0, btu nothing has changed.
And from Device managment->Ports(COM LTP)->Bluetooth communication port (com10)->properties= i have no parameters to set!


hi Solania ,

yes i kwow it is hard to get arduino BT to work , it took me long time , to find out how ,
fisrt , if you are using vvvv 12 install vvvv 13 that has the probem about high comport solved ,
second if you where able to send any code to arduino with the arduino sofware that,s good , if not make sure your blutoorh dongle and arduino are linked , default pass 12345
it seems that some blutooth dongle and staks need to be getting or sending data all the time otherwise they disconect automaticly

i did some simple patches for reading arduino BT they are very simple , you can find them in my usepage
i was succesfull to read arduino BT analog and digital with ArduinoBT_Pin_inputs and with sms i could read analogs and write digitals ,


I finally found a way to get inputs with arduino Bluetooth and vvvv TOO !
It works perfectly and immediately with new beta 13.1.
It was probably because of old beta’s problem with high com ports.
it’s a mess to manage com ports in Windows! :(
Anyway it works:)

Cheers S