ArbitraryPoint - Transform

Since vvvvbeta9 there’s a problem with the “ArbitraryPoint - Transform” all the mesh created with that transform object disappear.
As an example, look at the help of this module.

i have try the help file and i use sometime the arbytrarypoint node and
i don´t see any bug in this node !?
try to download again the beta and reinstall it , sometime thats fix some problem.

do you mean the renderer stays gray ? thats the case for me with the help patch. but if i select the renderer, press ALT+1 than ALT+2 its working …

Thanks guys for the answer.
In fact, the problem was on another node the grid disappear if my value ResolutionX is higher than 100 and at the same time the value ResolutionY is higher than 111

right. the maximum resolution is depending on your graphiccard. just for the record: which do you have?