Applie rotation on each axe separately

I am still pretty new to vvvv, maybe this is really simple: I want to apply rotation changes to an object, but on each axe separately, means, that if i change the z-rotation of the object it shouldnt affect the rotation of the y or x axis.
in other words, when i rotate it on the x-axis, the object should always rotate in the same direction, even if i have changed the y or z-axis in between two changes. Understand?

if i only add a rotate node to the gourauddirectional, the rotation is allways in relation to the rotation of th object, but i need it absolute, somehow…

Maybe someone knows what i mean and has a solution to it?


Well, i found it out myself… Probably my explanations were too lousy anyway.

quaternions are the solution to my problem. I convert the new additional rotation (on x,y and z axe) into a quaternion (axisAngle node) and then multyply it with the rotationquaternion from the previous frame. like this i can add x,y and z rotation independent from each other to my object. In the end i need a paralleEpiped node, to attach the new coordinate system to my object.

Works very well.

thats similar to this module. but it rotates around the object axis, yous rotates around the coordinate system axis, as i understand?

share it if its finished…