Application error with vl/opencv

i have had several errors like this with the new beta’s, trying on different machines. i think mainly with opencv.
for example when i open the “compute optical flow” example from the help browser in vl, then change the values for the “resize”, the application error pops up. anyone else can try this?

Yes I can confirm. The OpticalFlow node turning pink from time to time but once the resizing gets enabled and scaling it down vvvv beta crashes completely.

I think the culprit is the DrawOpticalFlow node accessing the internal Mat on a pixel basis but not checking whether the access is out of range. At least that was what a callstack was showing me. Simply disabling that node and it all works fine. I guess the OpticalFlow node turning pink when changing the size is to be expected and can be ignored as it compares two frames of a different size.

thanks elias, for the quick response. unfortunately i get more of these crashes. not only with opticalflow, but as I was trying this now, here is something else.
now i just started an empty vl template, create a videoin, connect to optical flow and there it crashes again.