Appearence of lines from buffer

I would like to visualize some datas with curves thanks to buffer.

Is this possible to write the curve as soon as the index is written ?

I can’t make anything else than replace former buffer data.

here’s what I have:

And here’s what I want:

see the patch attached.

buffer forums.v4p (15.0 kB)

you could just move a black quad over the part you don’t want to see…?

buffer forums2.v4p (16.4 kB)

thanks ton film.
it could be yes :-)
but there’s a little glitch at the moving quad border…
is it possible to improve this ?

please take some time to understand what i added to the patch and how it works. its really not complicated and you only have to adjust the value of one pin a tiny bit.

Or you can use Current frame of the Ringbuffer to get just the values before the current frame.

buffer forums 3.v4p (16.4 kB)

really really nice ! thanks @tonfilm and sunep !!!