APC40 Button Midi Map Help


I want to use my APC40 in vvvv.

I can use the I(spreads) to spread all the sliders and knobs in channel and controller with MidiController node , then getslice to find them .because they’re all numbers (1/23,2/45).

but I don’t know how to detect the buttons in vvvv,because these buttons’ ID are 1/A-1,1/C#-1,1/E2,ect…

so, anyone can help me to deal with the buttons problem ?

I use a patch like the one attached to see which midi values I need to to getslice.

Alternative, you could use the super awesome todomap that vux made where you can use midi learn to assign a controller to a parameter without knowing the specific controller value.

SeeMidiValues.v4p (5.6 kB)

It’s cool,but I don’t think it can help me.
the question is how to put the midi buttons in spread.
thank you anyway,sunep.I use change and sift to detect and map the knobs without see which slice it is.

I find this thread and finally solve this problem.