Anyone in Brighton, UK area?


Big up to the VVVV massive!
This is the most exciting software I have ever used, it has relegated OpenTZT to second place :-P
Anyway. I’m a VJ based in Brighton, UK.
I know absolutely no-one in this area thats interested in my area of interest which at the moment is focused on everything coming from this area of the web. Namely VVVV and huge big crazy installations.
If you are in the area and fancy meeting up and joining forces to create some VVVV fuelled visual mayhem then give me a shout at vga AT cut-loose DOT org
I’m still a total neophyte with this software and could do with someone else to help bring my crackpot schemes into reality.


vj SpanK

Im in Birmingham, not so many vvvv users in the Uk I think, I have thought about a beginners course (I did think about doing it at Avit, but didnt have the time, to even go let alone run a workshop!) but my schedule is still pretty tight at the moment! Dont be afraid to ask here on the forums, everyone’s very helpful!
Happy patching!


These forums are obviously great but it would be nice to be able to be able to discuss things face to face with someone.
Especially for pooling resources for gigs…my craptop only does vertex shading…
I’ll start posting some of my iffy patches…soon ;-)

i’m based in camberley, surrey and in reading, berkshire sometimes.

: )

i’m new to vvvv as well, so i probably can’t help much - i’d like to get involved with interesting project’s in the coming year, though.