Anyone help me T^T?

Dear v4 professional

I’m a student who studies v4p lately.

I’d learned frome this site…

and i made my own mesheditor(3D Vector).v4p

However i got problem…

this pic… i load 1 xfile with 4 mesh…

if i don’t switch on mesheditor, it works perfectly.

but look at this… if i try to manipulate the pts…

textures go to one -_-;

this is my Xfile pic…

i want to control the pts with 4 texture T^T;

could help me?

Patch & (6.3 kB)

hello, please provide a patch, that shows the application…

this is a known bug/limitation of mesh join. sorrily there is no way atm to generate subsets with that node.

tonfilm// ^^; i put up a patch and xfile at the bottom

gregsn// wow! first thx for the mesheditor(3d vector)
if i can’t any other option do i have??

helo ruria

no sorry. you can’t edit a mesh with several subsets.
but you could create 4 different meshes with those 8 vertices. and for that you could also use subspreads of the original indexes coming outof mesh split.

so you have two options:

  • use original vertexbuffer (just edited by the pointeditor). with original i mean original vertex count (8) for each of your sides (even when each of them only needs 4). then use getspread on the original indexes and create 4 meshes with 4 different getspreads combined with 4 mesh join nodes.

  • or select the right 4 vertices for each of the sides, put them in 4 vertexbuffer join nodes. then use a trivial indexbuffer connecting those four points. you can use the indices you get when connecting a grid ex9 with a mesh split.

thx for liking mesheditor!

ah before i forget: you could also write a plugin that outputs a mesh with subsets… ;) (not suggested)