Anyone at ars electronica this week?

i’ll be on saturday and sunday…


yeah i will be there


we need vvvv shirts to identify each other ;)

btw. me just arrived at linz

joreg…are u bald shaved, wearing black framed glasses…if yes i’ve probably seen u :)

it’s a pity, no time, i have to work…

hehe. no i am the landmark next to the bald/framed guy.

i think the best place to meetandtalk is saturday evening at time’s ups party. how to get there. how will i recognize vedran and u7?

i’m basically the only good looking guy there surrounded by many girls ;P

seriously, i know some times up guys and will find u…or i wear a moog t-shirt

didnt make it :(

shame… no text …

me working here. anyone still around?

yeah, me til tuesday and joreg til wednesday…if i’m right. just sitting at ok centre 4th flloor,thinking about getting a beer somewhere. any hints?

goodmornings. finally got some sleep tonight. we met with woei yesterday and he invited us to futurelab on tuesday 16h. you should join mrbenefit and me if you’re still here.

and tonight…digital musics at the brucknerhaus. don’t forget your earplugs!