Any way to use 2+ Primesense/Xtion depth cameras?

Anyone have a working method for using more than one non-Kinect depth camera in vvvv (such as Primesense Carmine, ASUS Xtion)?

I’d be happy running multiple vvvv instances if it would work. I’ve tried hacking the OpenNI dynamic plugin, which I can get to report how many cameras are attached and iterate through them, but it will only connect to the first.



it should work with MS Kinect 1 - though you need a seperate usb controller for each one of them. but still better than a seperate pc.

also, it’s possible to mix up different kinect types. i had both MS Kinect 1 and 2 connected, was a bit heavy on performance but worked. should also be possible with Asus Xtion and MS Kinect, but i don’t know if both their drivers will run parallel just out of the box.

good luck!

Actually the OpenNI nodes do not work with multiple K1s, or multiple depth cameras of any kind. And although the MS Kinect nodes do work happily with multiple K1s, they do not support any of the Primesense-based cameras like the Asus Xtion. For those you must use the OpenNI nodes and as they stand they do not have an index pin and do not work with more than one camera.

This is not an architectural limitation though, as OpenNI does support multiple devices and as I noted OpenNI will report there is more than one device, but not matter what I try to specify the second device I always get the same one.