Any one familiar here with Cg?

Hello everyone!
I have posted on this forum couple times before. I have been porting some vvvv shaders into jitter. The original idea was to convert the HLSL shaders into GLSL(toneburst has been of great help!), but recently I have come with a different approach, that is, to use Cg(which is supported by the jxs dialect) in order to port the fx shaders.
However, I have some questions about how Cg is related to HLSL. It seems that both languages are the same but I cannot figure out how the techniques and passes are handled with Cg. Of course you have the CgFX, but it doesn’t seem that passes are needed when using straight Cg, right?
One more thing. I constantly find lines like this:

float4 cAmb : COLOR <String uiname=“Color”;> = {1, 1, 1, 1};

are these used to declare the default state of the variables?
Thank you very much for the help!