Any mobile graphics card supporting DirectX on two displays?


does anybody knows a mobile graphics card supporting DirectX on two displays ?


m…difficult to say since as of now vvvv can only use acceleration on one display (correct me if i am wrong).

ok. maybe you could test it with running two instances of vvvv(run the second instance with /allowmultiple from a commandline)

and then i would suggest its a driver thing and that current dualhead cards from nvidia and ati with latest drivers will give you acceleration on both displays.

… mh … i thought there was a possibility to display DX9 Renderers on both screens … thats important if you want to have previews … whats a good solution to preview DX9 rendereres ? maybe a simple CPU based texture displayer in one of next betas, so all renderpasses could be rendererd on primary screen but not all visible, and the texture output could be displayed inside the patch or in GDI renderer.

I’ve started using horizontal span to get full screen on both outputs, this is on a desktop not a laptop though!
Its much more effecient than dual head, when I get time I’ll upload a new version of my mixer, its nearly done, hopefully it’l be a bit more usable than the last!

halo anonümus.

with horizontal span you get one large fullscreen with a ratio of 2:1. is that what you mean?

nothing works for me :(

i connot have DX pictures on both screens.

but for example, if i have a desktop PC and simply add a second graphics card, will this work ?