Any experience with Blackmagic Decklink SDI Capture quality?


any of you video wizards tested the Blackmagic DeckLink SDI or Duo card?
on our current project we use them, but when a dark object moves in front of a bright background we notice a wired after/ghost image behind it. this gives the impression as if the card operates too slow or. its the same with 1080 50i and 1080 25p format.

we tried a lot of stuff, like changing the screens, different exposure times of the camera and so on… but eventually came to the conclusion, that it has to be the capture card. can anyone confirm that?

I haven’t recognized such a behavior on my BM sdi cards, but I haven’t tested them against such content. I can borrow these to you for testing, if needed.


I can’t. We used Decklink SDI card for capture and everything worked fine, but i’m not sure that we had a big brightness difference between front object and background. How you grabbing the image from camera? DShow or native plugin?

we use the native plugin from elliot. but if none of you had such stutter problems, we have to test it with other cameras.

Try VideoIn, it should work but with bigger delay. You need to config stream settings in separate software (i used virtual dub), because VVVV can’t handle it, don’t know why.

delay is very critical, and i doubt that VideoIn will handle 3x FullHD input… but its worth a try.

but what kind of stream settings do you mean? maybe i messed something in the decklink driver. where do i find the settings in vlc?

I’m don’t know, where this preferences in VLC. But it’s usual DShow filter settings window, you can find it in Virtual Dub by pressing - File, Capture AVI, Device - select your device, Video - Capture Filter.

Also Virtual Dub is good for live capture testing.