Any easy way to distinguish which contributions are plugins/modules/effects?

Hey all,

I’m going through the massive backlog of VVVV contributions looking for interesting things to play with, and I’m not really noticing any obvious way to work out which subdirectory a given contribution should be put into. Is there any obvious labeling I’m missing, or any trick to identifying what goes where?

on the very top of the contributions page you have a series of tag-buttons like “plugins”, “effects”,… to filter for. double-click a tag to get only a certain type of contribution.

does that help?

It helps somewhat, although it’d be nice if there was some labeling on the files themselves, so they can be identified after they’ve been downloaded. It would probably be a lot of work to go through the entire contributions archive and add something like that, but I’ve heard that when VL is more mature you guys are planning to organise a more effective system for managing plugins and dependencies, so I’ll just look forward to that when it happens. :)

Would be kind of nice if there was a highlighted tag indicating which category a contribution falls into on its download page though, so it’s more obvious where to put individual contributions without having to nagivate to them via tag filters.

I’ve been getting a few friends into VVVV, and one of the most confusing things for them so far has been working out how to get contributions running, so I’m putting together a massive pack of things which I find useful/interesting, but I’m running into similar confusion with where to put a lot of the contributions. It’ll be great when there’s a more comprehensive system in place for managing stuff like this.

Is file extension of any use, for your friends I mean?

some more infos here:

also now on each contributions page, right below the title you see the tag (plugin, effect, pack,…) this contribution was uploaded to.


I am beginer VVVV user, I’ve got addon pack to work, now i’m trying to get this contribution to work,

in new patch, after typing alt+R, I’ve set contribution folder in different location than vvvv directory as I read this is important.

So I unzip it all in effects subfolder and open the *.v4p file wich opens but many boxes are red and unconnected.

I’ve noticed they are DX11 boxes so maybe I need to get an additional librarie ?


You need DX11