Any chance to get the CEF bindings updated to the latest and greatest?


any chances to get the HTMLTexture CEF bindings (currently on ver. 3.1750.1738) upgraded to the latest version (ver. 3.2171.2069)? This would bring us also a newer version of Chromium (ver. 41.x) which I’m hoping to get some more speed out of when doing vvvv embedded css animations :)

m9d … Ok, there are even newer CEF builds out there. Are there any special adaptions needed or would this be an easy interchange?

According to Zach Lieberman (of openframeworks fame) newer versions of CEF bring some significant speed improvements for the offscreen rendering

In the latest alphas the bindings are upgraded to the 3.2171 branch. For a list of changes have a look here:


looks like this makes it even worse. I attached a example patch, running this with “vvvv_45beta34_x86” seems okish (beside font aliasing issues and the overall performance issues) but running this with the actual alpha (ed040cbf05) it’s suuuper slow :( (168.0 kB)

Can you please test your example with the reference implementations from here and report back?
Download the test app and start with

cefclient.exe --off-screen-rendering-enabled


tried it with the reference implementation … runs smooth there. seems to be an issue within vvvv.

Running Parallels here … will check now on a “real” Windows machine!

Please upload the page (or URL) you tested in the reference implementation and which exact version did you use?

Testing with vvvv_50alpha34.100_x86 on a Windows 8.1 machine … html is included in the test sketch above. … You should see basic css transitions. Running on the latest alpha it looks like it’s running at ~1-2 fps. Running with the latest Beta it’s a lot faster but has a) issues with font smoothing (as reported at the cef dev channels) and stutters from time to time (not so using the latest version of chrome on the same computer).

As said … everything you need to test should be provided in the .zip above!

If there is anything else I can do please let me know. … By the way, tested it on my local Macbook via Parallels and on a brand new Windows machine - both show the same results.


When I open the index.html in a browser I see no animation running. Just static text. Surely that’s not what you want me to test. And with exact version I meant the one of CEF not vvvv.

ah yeah … this gets triggered from inside vvvv. I’ll build you a version that starts automatically ;)

cefclient.exe --off-screen-rendering-enabled // ver. 3.2494.1319 32bit

… runs smooth

There we go: (169.3 kB)

beta34.1 uses CEF 3.1750
alpha34.100 uses CEF 3.2171

If you run the cefclient.exe of those specific versions you’ll see the same results as in vvvv. The older (1750) runs much smoother than the newer (2171).

You tested the newest development version (2494) and indeed the animation is smoother than in 2171 but still not as good as it was in 1750.

There are discussions about that over at the CEF forums:

A more detailed report can be seen here:

So seems we need to do another CEF upgrade. Problem is the language bindings for C# haven’t been updated yet to the latest versions. So looks like we’ll need to wait a little.

Ok, too bad :( But thanks for investigating into this! M

y biggest issue with the current beta 34.1 CEF 3.1750 version is the missing font antialiasing. I’ve seen some hacks around that, let’s see if I can get one of them up and running … will report back in the forum.