Another vvvv Performance?

Hi vvvvorum.
unfortunately i can’t upload discussion patch now. so sorry for my bad english and here we go:

I faced some performance problems.
Patch starts at 60fps (MainLoop 120/60/Filtered - Boost 1) and its down to 15fps in 2 minutes when nothing happens.
PrefMeter show preparegraph, render, present and resetcache are most busy. At Task Manager vvvv has 50%cpu.

i read a lot at vvvvorum, tutorials, HowTo… etc.
so please find a time to read a lot of words below

i’m using vvvv beta22 with addonpack 22_2
i using Core2Duo 2.6, Nvidia 9800GT 1Gb, 2Gb RAM, with WinXP SP3.
at my patch a lot of 2dGUI plugins (ToggleButtons, Sliders, SliderXY), Text(GUI)->Redner->GDITexture, switcher node from tonfilm’s svvvvitcher and changing spreads values->AsString->AsValues

so what i find out myself and with much help of vvvvorums:

1/ RenderGDI eats a lot of render performance.
i have to disable GDI render to go back to 60-70fps
GDITexture size 512x768px
what part of Windows or Nvidia Preferences controls GDI?
or what could i miss in vvvv GDI settings?
i need GDI in one reason - Text(ex.9) still don’t work (i read related topics and setup slimdx march2009)

2/ Render.EX9 Presentation Interval->immidiently helps with Present.

3/ disable UNDO(vvvv) not helps a lot. preparegraph and resetcashe still busy. so if i start anything like particles, fluidsolver, or just queue(spreads)10… fps down to 15-20 again.

4/ in render there are only 2d quads (about 100) with png textures and ex9.lines (10). Kill textures - nothing change in performance

5/ i made spreads for 2dguis (and now use only 2 Toggles, 1 SliderXY, 2Sliders), cleaned and hide(alt+3) all subputches, set maximum prority fo vvvv at system preferences, change cache size to maximum…

and i still have 50%cpu used, with preparegraph (at about 25%) and resetcashe (10%). And >60fps only if nothing happens.