Another Particles and Fluids Pluging

Another particles and fluids

inspired by and grateful to
Memo Akten

by bo27
pluging code Yuri Dolgov (24.7 kB)

Really cool. Good job man :)

oh, my, god :DDD exactly what i was looking for ;)))))

SICK! been playing for half hour now, could play all day, must do work. thanks

yes, fantastic!! the only improvement could be done is to add a age pin to the plugin (for setting thing like color or scale of particle based on the lifetime of the particle).
anyway, vvvery nice :D

oh yeah, if you want the blur done so the particle quads always stays full white no matter how much blur you put on, you need to swap the order they are drawn in. ie. swap the alpha’ed quad to layer 1 and all the particle quads to layer 2 in the group. Looks nicer I think.


really amazing!
and seems to be really performant!

nice one.
thank you very much :)

If you rename the helppatch to
Fluids (VideoFabrika) v3.4 (2d v3.4) help.v4p
it also opens on F1.

although this is quite far away from the naming conventions

dear bo27, please expect that nobody else than me would start complaining now

thank you all for such kind words!

kalle thanks for naming correct. i think we compilie it with some short name without all that (v.3.4)videofabrika etc.

really thanks to Memo Akten, who made main libraries, and to Yuri who remade them to directx matrix. we have a lot of fun with correct rotation and scaling

hope it will be usefull for all community ))

hope it will be usefull for all community

hehe, be sure with this feedback within 2 hours…

hope to meet you at!

p.s.: do you use skype?

my skypename: vvvv4444

Tx a lot looks fantastic>

Yeah man, really well done.

wavelet solver, right on time ;]

wow. great. thank you very much.

awesome plugin!!1

makes my day :)

much appreciated!

yeepee!.. no text …

Great work! Thanks for sharing :)

wow. thanks for a great patch!