Another beginer (How to find some help)

Hi everyone, here with a beginner question and i’m sorry for my poor english level.

I have a project with a lot of pictures (around 20/ 50) displaying / mapping on walls with interactivity (leap motion for sure, and webcam probably). I’m not sure about the number of how many images should be displayed at once, maybe between 2 or 20.

I have some skills with computers and programming (javascript, c+ in my early age, so i forgot all …;) ). I have writed webpages with more recently (html, css and very little php).

I came in vvvv because i don’t want to write tons of codelines. 3 years ago i have tried Processing. Visual programming seems to be appropriate now.

So, I’m lost because i don’t know where i can begin / learn more / improve myself with vvvv.

I’m using vvvv gamma since january 2021, one month ago.

I’ve understand a lot of principes, as :

  • regions (for each, if, etc)

  • spreads,

  • dictionnary.

  • nugets

(Understand don’t mean i’m a « jedi » with that, don’t forget i’m a beginner ;) )

I have made some patches and the last one is using my webcam ( It duplicate itself 4 times to render one compositing video (with flip / mirroring them). I assume this is a very simple thing for power users but for me it’s a huge victory for me ! I have used openCV for that.

So, I have some difficulties to find some online help or ressources center. Of course i’m using the help window. I understood that exemples are detailled and give me some informations. I have read some parts the graybook but sometimes i found no ressources nowhere on specifics topics.

When i watched videos or tutorials (thanks to vvvvTV channel ;) and others account) it’s seems very easy, but alone with my blank project it’s very complicated.

As always i try to some smalls patchs to understand vvvv, i’m not trying some huges patchs.

When aren’t familiar with beta or visual programming it’s very dark. So much knowledge to acquire but i haven’t a guide, as a book with chapters in order to discover vvvv steps by steps.

Any advice, which knowledge must be known to improve myself in gamma with displaying a collection of images with a dose of interactivity ?

Have a good day, sorry for my english,
Thanks for all who share their experience.

Sincerly Jerome.

in general, it is good to have a simple project in mind and try to implement it.

otherwise, the most learning material is in the NODE10 workshop package:

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Thanks for your answer.

I’m diving into these workshops ;)

VVVV gamma here I come !

Thanks again, have a good day.

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