Another baudrate?

Hi, love vvvv but got following problem.
Built some rgb-led-devices using atmel avr (atmega32 at 16MHz). They are connected to the pc via RS232. Everything works fine but i wonder if i could speed it up a bit.
At the moment i am using 38400 baud because this is the fastest baud rate vvvv and the atmel support (at this clock speed without bigger timing probs - i do not want to replace the pulsegenerators)

Can i change the vvvv output baudrate to for example 76800 baud? (i do not use the input - i only use 1 line + gnd)

Or can i only use the ones from the pulldown menue?

Thx, greetings,

PS: i used cheap cabels and chaos wireing – so i don’t think the really high rates would work but every information would be usefull.