Animation with LFO

May be i have a stupid question, but i ask it anyway.
I’m totally new to vvvv.
So, on the way to sound reactive animations, i have an idea how they should work (for example):

Bang -> LFO starts (and goes from 0 to 1 one time) -> LFO Stops -> waiting for the next Bang.


I can (re-)start LFO with Reset pin. But how can i tell him to go only once? Or how can i read data from LFO only once (from 0 to 1) after Bang.

Thank you for the answer!
And thank you guys for this really beautiful vvvv tool and your projects at meso. You are great.


Haha, that is on my wiki: [|
Make an LFO only run once].


Hi West!

Thank you very much!
Your way is clear and simple.
Just count the cycles.


even simpler is using Decay. Set attack to zero and let it decay in a specified time. Also MonoFlop is worth knowing for these kind of things