Animation problem

Hi people! Little problem driving me crazy!
I have a ball moving on a path, with constan speed.
I calculate the time it needs for each line of the path, and use this time to set the period of a LFO. It works, but when change the line, the first frame of the new line is made with the speed of the last line!

This is because I have to use a FrameDelay to choose the period of the LFO that move the ball…

It is hard to explain, but you can check the patch here:

you will see: when the ball pass from a short line to a long line it seems to accelerate (8.4 kB)

ai luper, you can attach files directly to your posting as you can do with images. there is an extra “files” section below the image section. please remove your contribution again (edit->delete) and attach it to your original post here.

ok thanks! but I don’t see how to delete my contribution: (and how to make shorter this link XD)

you can delete a contribution by clicking the EDIT button (to top left just below the main heading) and then on the very bottom (next to OK) press DELETE.

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Hi! See if you serve this!..

SiguiendoLineas.rar (9.3 kB)