Animation for Video mapped Surfaces

So I completely understand how do to all the video mapping but I can’t create specific animations to go on the surfaces.

Here have been some of my ideas that I thought would be simple:

  • Have a glowing quad run around the edge of each surface
  • Have a glowing quad transfer edges
  • create the appearance of light source

I’m at a loss now of how I should even do these after trying different ways and just getting frustrated.

I’m really good with Photoshop and Illustrator but I can seem to translate these skills to animation.

Can someone please offer some kind of advise?

post some pics of what you want

Antokhio, an visual example of #3 can be seen in the video below at 2:55, where a it appears a light is going across the surface.

A good Examples of #1 can be found in at 00:15 and lasts about 5 seconds before the video switches to Something else.

UPDATE: After going back and watching one of the videos that inspired me , I believe recreate the different parts in the video from 0:00 to 3:29 would be beneficial for me.

Should I be trying to recreate these segments of the video in VVVV or in animation software? If I should be using animation software, Which one keep in mind the popular animation software ( ie Maya, Cinema4D, After effect) is not something I can afford right now?

Maybe this could help:

for case with quads you can create a render with quad moving on the border, or something like that, then use it as texture.
with shadows it’s bit more complicated, you need to learn HLSL your projection point etc. but with one beamer should be ok