Animated Meshes in DX11

Whats the work flow for mesh animation in dx11?
I’ve found animation nodes, but no idea how to put time in to contol them, also is there any point cache, or do I need a obj per frame for that?
Is there a skeleton workflow?

Well there are few examples with skinning, I think something should be buried on forum.

There is assimp animation, I know it works with transforms but needs some time to make it work…

About pointcash there are no easy way here sadly, last time I need it, I made an obj sequence and a shader to output position world to texture cords, and then save to dds, I think it worked quite ok with properly uv’ed mesh.

I’m using Geometry Assimp nodes from dx11 by @vux and Skeletal nodes from mp.dx pack by @microdee, works fine with fbx files. Hope this helps

Vpm seems to no longer work? And the mp.essentials I have knocking around cant load the essentials.dll for some reason, path is right but red nodes.
Ah well.

Anyone got a working mp.essentials they could zip for me?

Vpm should still work. Had it running a couple of days ago.

There was a problem with DX11’s appveyor artifact, now I switched everything depending on DX11 to the contrib zip file. It should work now.
Please send Exception of mp.essentials not wanting to load, with stack trace visible, if it’s not in English please try to translate it.

@catweasel I got it working but under vvvv_50beta36_x64, remember having some problems with newer versions

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