Animate Line EX9 Geometry

i bulit a GML parser (graffiti markup language) and i was wondering how you could animate a line?

i am not very into vvvv, but i don’t have any idea how to feed the binsize bin with the right data at the right time. inserting slices would not be the problem, bu how can you tell to start a second, third, … spread?

thank you!

ParseGML_animateline.v4p (63.2 kB)

hi, maybe it is to late, but I was fascinating by this problem of a known spread with fill itself after a given time.
Maybe there is node existing or it is possible in more elegant way or by a Dynamic Plugin but I found an oldschool way.
here if you still need it
Greetz CeeYaa (8.0 kB)

cool patch

thank you!

will update the patch with this and other things!