Animata realtime 2d animation control with vvvv?

Hi there,
I came across this software (free and open source) called Animata. see links:

It allows you to control a 2D character in realtime using camera tracking.

I downloaded the software and I have found that you need to feed it OSC data. They suggest programs like MAX MSP or processing.

I am assuming that vvvv could also drive this software since it has OSC functionality.

I was just wondering if anyone else has come across this software, or if they know of a better way to achieve this end goal.

Is vvvv a good candidate for controlling this software?

How much do you think I will need to know about code to make this work? My experience is not in code, but in 2d / 3d animation, rigging, compositing, image processing and so on.


I’ve found most of the answers to my questions, thanks to the OSC help patches in vvvv and this post in the forums:

I wish there was good help like this for animata, the Help button does not even work! :s I’ll keep digging.