Android camera in vvvv?

Is there somebody with experience of using android phone camera (HTC)in vvvv? Any app and driver recomendations?
thank you

I just tried this and well, it is as easy as they say here:

I just downloaded “Pavel Khlebovich’s free IP Webcam” from the playstore and installed it, once you run it, and you are on WIFI, you can paste the Phone IP (which you can simply copy) to a browser:

The adds are on my phone, not in my browser.

And well, if you can see it in a browser, you can see it in vvvv. Just a make HTMLTexture node, press F1 for the helpfile. Paste the URL and be sure to change the width and the height of the texture to (in my case) 640x480.

HTC One certified :D Now my phone is a webcam :)

thank you Westbam!